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Adel Karam - Hayda Adel

At Beirut Holidays

Date: July 21, 2015

Location: Biel

With the collaboration of Star System and Production Factory


Under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and as a part of Beirut Holidays 2015 series of events, the multi-talented artist Adel Karam presented an outstanding stand-up comedy show “Hayda Adel” at Biel Beirut on Monday July, 20, 2015.
Adel Karam highlighted a wide variety of social, economic, and political issues in a sarcastic and spontaneous way for two consecutive hours of non-stop laughter.
“Hayda Adel” was more than just a stand-up comedy show it was a direct message to all politicians and public figures involved in making Lebanon’s status as tense and unbearable as it is now. However, Adel made it clear that no matter how bad the situation gets there’s always a way of making a comedy scene out of it and bringing out the suppressed happiness inside each and every Lebanese citizen.

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