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The Piano Duel Raoul Di Blasio vs Michel Fadel

At Beirut Holidays

Date: July 22, 2015

Location: Biel

Produced by 2U2C, Star System and Production Factory


Beirut Holidays 2015 third SOLD OUT event at Biel – Beirut, “The Piano Duel” beyond what words could express. The International musician Raoul Di Blasio versus the Lebanese musician Michel Fadel, “The Piano Duel” a concept uniting two great musicians in one concert that has never been done before.
The concert started out by a mix of Raoul Di Blasio’s best hits, which Raoul performed along with Michel Fadel. Moreover, Raoul and Michel’s music connection was felt throughout the event, and they even played each other’s melodies which got the audience even more amazed, especially when Raoul Di Blasio was performing Michel’s Lebanese hits.
In addition to that, Michel Fadel launched a musical piece which he had composed in honor of this event and his first time collaboration with the international musician Raoul Di Blasio.

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